Hey, I am Atmo!

I am providing a personalized approach, that empower people to manage their well-being proactively, develop their emotional intelligence, and cultivate a positive and resilient mindset.

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Let me tell you more about me..

I am a mobile application that utilize innovative technology (AI) to guide people through their journey of mental health challenges.

With a focus on four key areas: depression, anxiety, burnout, and panic attacks, Atmo provides evidence-based techniques, including CBT, mindfulness, and journaling, to help people understand and overcome their mental health challenges.


Provide self-help tools, guided meditations, and other techniques to improve mood and reduce symptoms.


Offer techniques like deep breathing and progressive muscle relaxation to help manage anxiety and stress.

Panic attacks

Offer strategies for managing panic attacks and techniques for calming the body and mind, such as grounding exercises and guided imagery.


Provide stress management techniques like meditation, deep breathing, and yoga.Suggestions for healthy habits like nutrition, exercise, and social connection.


Discover how Atmo transforms mental health management.

Mental Health

Personalized Mental Health Management

Atmo's AI-driven approach customizes the experience for each user, ensuring that the strategies and tools provided are tailored to individual needs and mental health challenges.


Proactive Well-being Support

The application enables users to take control of their mental health by offering proactive tools and resources, empowering them to address issues before they escalate.

 Emotional Intelligence

Development of Emotional Intelligence

Atmo aids in enhancing users' understanding and management of their emotions, contributing to improved emotional intelligence which is crucial for navigating complex social and personal situations.

Resilience and Positivity

Cultivation of Resilience and Positivity

Through its various features, Atmo helps users build a resilient and positive mindset, equipping them to better handle life's ups and downs and maintain a healthy mental state.


Discover how Atmo transforms mental health management.

Q1 2024
  • AI Technology Development
  • Phase 1 Product Development
  • Key Partnership Collaborations
Q2 2024
  • Launch Alpha Version
  • Community Grow
  • Secure funding
Q3 2024
  • Phase 2 Product Development
  • Advanced AI Capabilities
Q4 2024
  • Launch Atmo 1.01
  • Phase 3 Product Development
  • Advanced AI Capabilities
  • Data Analytics Enhancement

Meet the team

Maria Ivanova

Maria Ivanova

Chief Executive Officer

Violet Zombori

Violet Zombori

Chief Therapist Officer

Peter Todorov

Peter Todorov

Chief Technology Officer


Our Advisers

Franck Ardourel

Franck Ardourel

Chief Marketing & Technology Officer

Dimitar Stoyanov

Dimitar Stoyanov, Atmo User

Senior Enterprise/Solutions Architect


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